Slipstream Connection Info

Modpack Updated: Mon Feb 12 13:35:07 CST 2018

To connect to Slipstream, you need 3 things.

  1. Latest Minecraft launcher from
  2. The Forge 1.12.2 client installer
  3. The Latest Slipstream modpack


  1. Install Minecraft
  2. Install the Forge client
  3. Unzip the Slipstream modpack into your %APPDATA%/.minecraft/mods/ directory (create the directory if it doesn't exist)
  4. Run the Minecraft launcher and be sure to select the "forge" profile.
  5. Select multiplayer and connect to:

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Suggested Settings

If you use the admin sign shops in the spawn area, there can be some confusion with a particular Quark setting. When you right-click on a sign to buy something, the "sign edit" dialog will pop up. You will still buy the item (if you have the money), and will not be able to actually edit the sign, but this interface could be confusing. If you want, you can turn this setting off. Press [esc] to go to the game menu, then click on the blue [q] button. Click on the [Tweaks] menu, then advance to page 2. There is a setting there "Right Click Sign Edit" that you can uncheck to turn off that interface.